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By Jessica P

"Santa Boggs is straight from the North Pole!

   Annually we try to get a family portrait, especially for holiday cards. Santa Boggs has his house warm and welcome for pictures    in October.  With our busy schedules, this allowed for a weekday setting with Christmas decorations for a beautiful scene. 

   The evening began with a chuckle from Santa's voice as he welcomed us at the gate. We were greeted by his lovely wife and we      entered the house. As we got comfortable Santa came down the stairs with his intricate clothing.  He welcomed each girl and          talked to them about things they liked.  I was impressed he knew special things about each girl and the family elves on the shelf      making this the most personal experience with Santa the girls ever had.  We had multiple pictures, that are now heirloom                    portraits  for our family.  Santa Boggs was remarkable with 5 children and a dog.  

   You know it's a special evening when your 6th grader says, "Tonight was an amazing experience. I enjoyed cookies with Santa."

   Santa Boggs demeanor and looks resemble Santa Clause straight from the North Pole.  

   Thank you for making this a great experience that will be remembered for years to come."

By Dana M

"We had the opportunity to you use Santa Boggs on a video shoot recently for a Christmas message at Chick-fil-A. The video was      an internal message that we shot at the Georgia Aquarium. Santa Boggs did a great job in the role and did a great job of                      delivering his lines on the video. The best part was entering and exiting the building so many people reached out to Santa and he    did a fantastic job of being in character as he interacted with people. We almost had a moment where 100+ kids were about to        enter the area where we were doing the shoot and Santa Boggs was ready to jump into action! He had some special gifts and          surprises if the interaction was to happen. Loved having him ready for those impromptu situations."

By Shelby L

"As a photographer, Santa Boggs is a natural in front of the camera. While not much instruction is needed to be given, Santa             Boggs does take instruction well. He is very aware of his facial expressions and knows to face the children and himself towards       the camera. I have worked with him on several occasions and he always has a jolly smile and a positive attitude towards each       child and their family. His attitude never wavers and he treats each child with the same enthusiasm and holiday spirit as the next.   He is the perfect Santa for any job!"

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